Noble Profession…….Not any more!

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“I don’t care, if they are dying. It is not my problem. We will continue our strike till the fulfillment of our demands”.

But what about your “Hippocratic Oath’?

I honestly don’t give a damned to that idiotic oath. To me that was nothing but just a ritual and I can’t let go my dreams for any such idiotic oath. Got It!

But I thought you are a doctor and doctors are supposed to save life. Aren’t they?

There was a time (years back) when the profession of medicine was considered to be one of the noble professions. Doctors were respected because they were out there to serve “humanity”, irrespective of their personal motives and interests.

But today due to greed, lust for money and materialistic approach, this noble profession has now become one of the most corrupt and dangerous profession. Where doctors are playing with the precious lives without realizing how important the life of an individual is. As so many other lives are linked and associated with one single patient, who is at the mercy of doctors.

Doctors are supposed to save life, but unfortunately due to their greed they have now become main reason for a rise in death rate.

Today the cheapest thing on earth is “human life” and it is the irony of our life.

No one is asking you to be God, but at least be human. Your one day strike had killed so many innocent people in a day. What would you call this in humane act? How would you justify your stance? A patient who died due to your negligence, strike and ego, will never return. Try to differentiate yourselves with terrorists and suicide bombers.

So please stop this in humane crime, follow some ethics, personal and professional before it is too late. Think over it before going for a strike next time!

Blog post Written by Mariam Khan and You can visit the original article at

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