Genius Pakistani student astonishes Korean Scholars in PhD

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A genius Pakistani student astonishes Korean scholars when he completes his doctoral degree in a complex topic of Biomedical Engineering a year before the usual schedule.

Syed Izhar Haider Abdi, a student of PhD in Biomedical sciences, is the first Biomedical engineer of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology who have done his PhD in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Conventional time for completing in such a complex topic of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine is 04 years while Izhar has completed his degree in just three years.

He has done his PhD on fully funded scholarship from government of South Korea. Done Some part of his research in United States, Izhar also performed high at Wake Forest University.

Besides practical part of his studies, he has 05 SCI journal publications during PhD while 02 is the requirement for the same. Besides he has 16 conferences proceeding in different countries of the world including America.

Ph D Thesis Title and brief introduction of the research work.

Development and Evaluation of Oxygen Generating Microspheres and Extracellular Matrix Based Hydrogels to Induce Optimal Microenvironment for Functional Muscle Regeneration.

Damage to skeletal muscle tissue from injury, myopathies and other muscle diseases usually requires reconstructive procedures in order to restore normal tissue function.  Although transplantation of autologous muscle tissues has been performed commonly for their treatment, it is associated with significant donor site morbidity causing functional loss and a volume deficiency. In contrast, tissue engineering provides a promising alternative by construction of functional muscle tissue that could restore muscle tissue defects. Consequently, an extensive range of tissue engineering approaches have been investigated for the regeneration of muscle tissue. Nevertheless, there are still a number of important issues that need to be addressed in order to make these approaches a clinical success. These hurdles include the failure in developing scaffolds that closely mimic the properties of native tissue and inability to supply sufficient oxygen to the cells in the initial phase after implantation.

In this work, two novel strategies were developed to provide adequate and optimize microenvironment for muscle regeneration. The first strategy confirmed that ECM based hydrogels facilitate and improve the microenvironment, specifically for muscle cells. Moreover, the injectable hydrogels is biocompatible, biodegradable and easily fabricated, which may result in improved muscle regeneration and function. The second technique targeted the traditional limitation in large tissue regeneration i.e. suitable carriers to produce sufficient oxygen for implanted cells. This work results in the development and characterization of a novel oxygen producing micro-system that can be used to treat oxygen as a drug for other tissue engineering applications as well. Although both approaches were not tested altogether or side by side in the same animal model, the data presented here suggests that these techniques improved the limitations of current clinical applications for muscle regeneration. Lastly, these hydrogels based approaches may be used as “off-the-shelf” products for treatment of muscle regeneration.

The main theme is to make the microsphere( small circular material ) which is able to produce the Oxyen invitro and invivo. This oxygen can be used as drug to the damaged tissues where the blood supply was disconnected so that it can cure the damaged muscle and fulfill their basic need of oxygen.

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