Effective Tips For Reducing Body Heat

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What leads to sudden and undesirable heat in the body ? It usually the chemical unbalance and the abnormal metabolism rate in your body that leads to sudden heat in the body. Some times body heats lead to heart burn, skin rashes and acne. And in today’s health and beauty article we will give you some Effective Tips For Reducing Body Weight.

Effective Tips For Reducing Body Heat

Following are the Effective Tips For Reducing Body Heat :

1. An important tip among the Effective Tips For Reducing Body Heat is; to avoid fried and spicy food. These foods increase your body temperature. So to maintain your body temperature we suggest you eat items like cucumber, leafy green vegetables etc.

2. Drink Butter Milk, as this helps a lot in cooling down your temperature.

3. Drink lemon juice this also helps in keeping your body temperature warm.

4. Bring some sabja seeds and soak them in water, leave them there for few minutes. After that add this soaked sabja seeds to milk and rose water. Drink them. This tip among the Best And Effective Tips To Reduce Body Heat is very effective.

5. We suggest you eat food which increase your metabolism. As your metabolism rate increases the temperature of your body is balanced.

6. An other tip among the Effective Tips For Reducing Body Heat is Massaging your body with oils. this improve the blood circulation which helps in keeping your body temperature cool.

7. Avoid sugar quantity in your food and diet as much as possible. Instead of taking sugar take in natural sweeteners.

8. Yogurt is known to be as natural cooling agent, beat a half cup of yogurt with one cup of water and have it after the meals to decrease the body heat.

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