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How To Make Caty Eyes

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In case you have small eyes and you want to make them look big. Cat eye makeup is the best choice for you. It will make your eyes looks big and long. In today’s beauty article we will tell you How To Make Caty Eyes. We will tell you some very simple and easy step to make cat eyes. Once we have given the description we will also show picture for better understanding. Following are the thing you will be needing for How To Make Caty Eyes.

How To Make Caty Eyes


- The first thing that you need is a very fine brush with liquid liner also that you have some practice with a liquid liner. It might be difficult for people who just started using liquid liner brushes.

- The second thing which you will be needing is a Black Kajal Liner to fill in your eyes later on.

Following are the steps on How To Make Caty Eyes :

1) The first step is that you draw parallel lines. You have to find the end of your brow and first draw a line towards your lashline. Then match the angle at the inner corner of your eye making the line go downwards this time and one forth of the distance covered by the other line.

2) The next step is once you are a quarter of the way down the wing at the outside corner, draw an upside-down V shape,making the V very narrow.

3) Then you have to draw a line along the lashline that connects the two lines and fill in the V shape on the outside corner.

4) The next step is thicken the line along the lashline.

5) And lastly rim the inner waterline. You can finish this with a mascara and a lip color of your choice.

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