Tips To Prevent Your Skin From Scorching Hot In Summer

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In this boiling weather when temperature is almost 42 degree centigrade, the major concern for all women is that how to protect the skin from the adverse effects of this roasting season. This is a fact that we women are so much particular about our skin and we all fancy flawless skin. And to fulfill this crave of having beautiful skin we try everything to get the desired outcomes.
Tips To Prevent Your Skin From Scorching Hot In Summer
Take a look at the following vital tips to get dazzling summer skin:
1. Prepare your skin: focus on exfoliating the skin. The more you will do it, the fresher skin you will get. Exfoliating is the procedure of getting rid of dead and dry skin that normally covers the healthy layer of the skin and you can do it by using scrubs, scrubbing brush and body masks. To remove the dead skin massage the exfoliant in circular motion and wash it off. Repeat this process two times in a week to get silky skin.
2. Hydrate: Dead skin is the result of lack of water in the body; drink the water to get the fresh and healthy skin.
3. Moisturize: You can use moisturizer creams and lotions anytime but the ideal time to do it when you come out of shower or after scrubbing when you have open pores that helps in the effective absorption of moisturizer. Recommended moisturizer is the one that is light because skin will absorb it quickly giving maximum area coverage.
4. Avoid taking hot showers: Taking long hot showers will contribute to make your skin dry. The colder is the water, the better it is and dry the skin with the soft towel.
5. Sun Block: Sunrays are very harmful for skin; it causes dark spots and premature aging. You are free to have all fun of this sunny season but with the sunscreen on your face. SPF 30 is recommended; apply sun block 30 minutes before leaving the house.
6.  Happy Feet: Take a pedicure to get rid of dead, dry and cracked skin and to make your feet ready to wear sandals.
7. Cleanse tone and moisturize: Select a mild cleanser that is appropriate for a daily use, a good toner to wipe off the make-up and a light moisturizer to keep your face hydrate.
8. Young Skin: exercise regularly and use a good quality skin product that boosts up the collagen production.
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