Heated toasts and roasted potatoes can cause cancer

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The British experts have warned that eating highly heated toasts and roasted potatoes daily increases the risk of cancer. According to the research by the experts of Food Standard Agency (FSA) Britain, if the toast and potatoes are overcooked so much that their color turned dark brown then a compound named ‘acrylamide’ is increased in them that can cause cancer. But if they are cooked to the limit that they remained in gold color then it doesn’t make acrylamide compound and consuming them is safe. Apart from potatoes, the experts have same advice for other root vegetables that they should not be overcooked as it will increase the quantity acrylamide compound in them. Higher amount of acrylamide compound is present in chips, cake, cookies, cereals and coffee due to which they should be used with care without being made a part of everyday use.
Heated toasts and roasted potatoes can cause cancer
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