Cancerous chemicals found in Pakistani Beauty Products

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Pakistani businesses have been proved substandard on several occasions and as they try to minimize cost and maximize profit for which they even use third class materials. Recently, it was also confirmed by a new reputable international organization. According to a report, several of beauty or skin-whitening products were checked by ‘London Trading Standards’ (LTS) while many among them are also selling products in Pakistan. Few of the famous brands include: Golden Pearl, Faiza Beauty Cream, Stillman’s Face Fresh, Maxi Light and others. Total 15 businesses selling harmful products were fined total 168,579 pounds and the average fined remained 11,239 pound each. Apart from that, LTS also took possession of hundreds of substandard products. Around 3000 such harmful products were recovered from just one retailer.
Cancerous chemicals found in Pakistani Beauty Products
Harmful effects
According to the agency, the skin will get discoloration and thinning with the use of these products. In few of them, there are chemicals that can even cause cancer. A bleaching agent, hydroquinone, is present at the amount of 18% in a product named Grace Duo which was the highest amount of this agent found in any product. On the other hand, 0.54% toxic mercury present in Faiza Beauty Cream can cause cancer. All these products contain harmful elements like corticosteroids, hydroquinone or mercury. Most of these beauty products are available in Pakistan also. Authorities should take action to ban these products from selling in order to save people from such dangerous diseases.
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