Face Wash For Every Skin Type By Dr. Esa

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Let’s learn how you can make your own homemade face wash and get a clear, bright and glowing skin. Now you don’t need to purchase any expensive skin fash wash because this simple homemade face wash will give you instant fairness result.
Face Wash For Every Skin Type By Dr. Esa
* Aloe Vera Gel 2 TB Spoon
Baking Soda 1 TB Spoon
Mild Soap 1 TB Spoon crushed
Honey 2 TB Spoon
*Water 1 TB Spoon
1) First of all take water, baking soda, honey and crushed soap.
2)Mix all these ingredients very well.
3)Now apply this on your face, neck and hands.
4)Enjoy clear smooth and bright skin.
Blog post Written by Sofia Jacob and you can visit the original article at http://style.pk/
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