Fix Chapped Lips Without Using Chapstick

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Well simply stated chapstick  is a balm for the lips. In this regard it has to further explained that while all the Chapsticks are lip balm but not all the lip balms are Chapstick. One more important relating to this discussion is that acquiring chapstick is expensive and a burden and most of the time the lips chapping touches the upper limit of disorder and chapstick becomes ineffective. In such cases the following guidelines have to be followed.
Fix Chapped Lips Without Using Chapstick
1. Use mixture of  Honey & Almond Oil
The mixture may be applied to the lips accompanied by gentle massage. On the following morning the lips may be scrubbed with a tooth brush. Thereafter it would be useful to apply a balm that is nourishing. 
2. Depend on use of  Green Tea 
Green tea  antioxidants remove lips dryness and make them livelier.  Procedure involves putting a tea bag and dipping  it in a small quantity  of water.Wait a while and then press the used tea bag on the  lips for a few minutes. This  It will hydrate the lips and will rejuvenate them. 
3. Use Sugar & Olive Oil mixture
Take 1 spoon  of brown sugar and add one spoon  of olive oil. Go ahead and  mix the two till it becomes a paste. With the help of a tooth brush the  mixture may be rubbed on the lips. After leaving it there for two minutes act and  clean with a tissue. Do it once in seven days and results will be satisfying. 
4. Milk Cream 
Milk Cream fats are useful for improving condition of chapped lips. The advice  is to massage lips with cream at least twice during the day. Lips will liven up 
5. Flavoured Toothpaste to be avoided 
Stop using tooth paste that has pepper mint and mint.Instead opt for  herbal tooth paste.
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