Benefits of Rose Petals for Beauty

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Rose is the favorite flower of humans since ages. We not only express our love for dear ones through roses but they are also used to decorate our homes. You can also use roses to enhance your beauty. We know through history that roses played an important role in the beautification of Mughal Queen Noor Jahan and Egyptian Empress Cleopatra. Rose water is commonly known for its effects on beauty but in fact rose petals can also be used to beautify your skin. If the rose petals are applied directly on the skin, it will produce no side effects. Few of the most important beauty benefits of rose petals are listed below:
Benefits of Rose Petals for Beauty
1. Rose Petals serve to Moisturize
There are several natural oils in rose petals which help to moisturize the skin naturally. There are several moisturizer and perfume brands that claim to have included pure rose petals in their products. It is also quite easy to extract oils from rose petals and they can be used on the skin for moisture. Soak the almonds and rose petals for a night and paste a paste of tem in the morning by crushing them together. In case for dry skin, milk can also be added. Now apply this paste on body and face. Wash this paste after it dries. You will get an elastic and soft skin.
2. Get Sun Protection from Rose Petals
Precautions should be taken for skin damage to sun. Rose petals are rich of Vitamin C due to which it provides protection against sun rays to the skin.You only have to crush few fresh rose petals and add few drops of glycerine with them. Mix them well and put this mixture on all the exposed parts of your skin.
3. Get Rid of Dark Circles by using Rose Petals
Rose petals can also help you to get rid of dark circles as they can easily heal the delicate under eye skin with their coolness. You just have to crush few fresh rose petals and apply it under your eyes and keep it for 30 minutes. After that, remove this paste but avoid washing and use tissue to clean the area.
4. Whiten Skin with Rose Petals
Rose can also be used for whitening. First prepare a rose face pack. Rose petals and yogurt will be required to prepare this which is more effective than many skin whitening creams and lotions. Take some yogurt and fresh rose petals and make a paste by blending them in a blender. Apply this paste your face for around 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water and repeat this procedure twice in a week.
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