6 Easy Tips to Reduce Weight

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Many people say that sitting longer is the main reason of obesity while many people have such official work that they can’t even walk in the office and they have to do all their work while sitting which makes them obese. But office working people can also reduce their weight by taking help from these 6 tips.
6 Easy Tips to Reduce Weight
Green Tea
Office going people should avoid coffee or tea during their job and instead they should use green tea. Green tea not only reduces thirst but also helps to reduce weight.
Boiled Potatoes
Potatoes are favorite dish of many people but most of them are unaware of its benefits and harmful effects. It is thought that potatoes increase weight but boiled potatoes help you to reduce weight. Diet experts say that boiled potatoes have less calories than usual fried potatoes due to which it is useful for good health.
According to experts, laughing 15 to 20 minutes can burn 40 calories in the body while this process also helps to reduce extra fats from body and increase the process of metabolism.
Light Movement in office
Walking inside the office for some distance or standing and sitting from chair after some time while working also helps to prevent accumulation of fats in the body. It increases blood circulation in the body which helps to reduce weight.
Light Exercise
Light exercise during working hours also helps to reduce weight and this activity also produces flexibility in the body through which fat is not stored in any part of body.
Careful while Eating
Light food should be taken in office even if feeling hungry. Best example of light food is pop corn. Pop corns reduce weight and it creates feeling of satiety for longer.
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