Did Nawaz Visit Harrods After Surgery?

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Nawaz Sharif should have been back in the country by now as almost 4 weeks have passed. The operation was major, there is no doubt that, but he has all the resources in the world and he can travel in an air ambulance with fleet of doctors by making multiple stops. One hopes that he returns straight to Pakistan instead of going to Saudi Arabia first. My worry that as usual he would spend time of Ramadan and may be even Eid too in KSA as usual like every year. PTI and PPP are at his throat and already doing propaganda that he had a fake surgery, which is totally baseless, insensitive and sub-human allegation.
Did Nawaz Visit Harrods After Surgery?
Just recently his photos walking in London’s plush shopping mall Haroods have surfaced. Even daughter of Asif Zardari Aseefa Zardari has remarked on social media that even PM Nawaz cannot resist sale in Harrods and that even after his critical surgery. Now the question is whether that photo is after or before the surgery PMLN sources claim that it was before surgery and some claim that he was just taking a light stroll with family. Well whatever is the case, he must be vary cautious as this is back-firing in the country as Karachi burns, establishment fumes, and opposition is all set to agitate with vengeance. Or may be PM Nawaz has just stopped caring as he has come to the rude awakening that nothing positive is going to happen in Pakistan, no matter how much hard he works.
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