Junaid Jamshed Deserved Spanking

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Yeah, I am serious Junaid Jamshed did deserve the spanking he got at the Islamabad airport. He deserved it for not due to that murderer Mumtaz Qadri but for the exorbitant prices he charges for his ‘kurtas’ at his outlets. I mean seriously, the designs of JJ are not that catchy and they are just yet another dresses. But when you step in the shops throughout Pakistan in plush shopping malls, you get shock of your life when you come to know the price of the lamest of dress in there. He is just selling his name and it seems quality and aesthetics are the last thing. Now coming to video of attack on Junaid Jamshed by some fanatics at Islamabad international airport, what else did you expect? Ignorance, intolerance and religious fanaticism is rampant in the country, courtesy to the decades old education system and confusion about what’s right and what’s wrong. Since the inception of this country, this has been going on and General Zia took it to the pinnacle of dark ignorance. Ironically, Junaid Jamshed himself is confused. Being a rock star once, he became deeply reliigious. Well it’s his personal choice. But problem is when some people started painting him as role model. Now we really get confused when we see him sometimes hand in hand of female actresses, signers and models. He also needs to tilt to one side. Anyway, what’s the use of condemnation here when it won’t change anything?
Junaid Jamshed Deserved Spanking
Blog post Written by Shayan Khan and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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