Will Karachi Ever Get a Metro Transport System?

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If there is any city in the world which needs metro transport system of any kind badly, it’s Karachi. With population more than 2.5crore, Karachi has no system of public transport. Transport mafia mainly comprising of Pashtuns has taken the city hostage. It’s not that nobody every thought of need of such transport system in Karachi. But unfortunately Karachi is run by thugs of MQM and PPP. Former is adept at extortion, target kill and street crime while the later only knows corruption and that’s all. PPP never bothered with any such project. MQM did tried coupe of times; first in 2005 and then in 2009 but it failed miserably as there was no will and the focus was more on crimes rather than public service.
Will Karachi Ever Get a Metro Transport System
Now federal government has pushed the Sindh government to start a metro system in Karachi. They are giving money and have offered every assistance. Prime Minister has even done groundbreaking ceremony of Rs16 billion Green Line bus service project yesterday. But when you see what happened there, there is little hope. The chief minister Sindh, the most lamest CM ever didn’t even know about the basic things of project like the length of route. He was publicly humiliated there when project director clarified to him during his speech at the dice. But then dignity and esteem are alien concepts for PPP leaders. Until and unless federal government take charge of project itself and see it through and then maintain it; there is no hope for its success.
Blog post Written by Salman Mugsi and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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