From Nargis Fakhri to Nergis Mavalvala

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Nargisis have taken Pakistan by storm these days in almost all the fields. There was that famous singer Nargis who mesmerized people with her voice, then came Nargis the movie star, and then we watched dazzling dances of Nargis in stage dramas. After that the whole country was spell-bounded by yet another Nargis who adorned the front pages of newspapers by laying down in the Mobilink ad, and now we have Nargis Mavalvala. Obviously, we are progressing well. From art and culture through advertising to the science; Nargis are shining.
From Nargis Fakhri to Nergis Mavalvala
What was that verse from Iqbal about Nargis and the complexity with which things bloomed to production after excruciating wait and pain? Iqbal was certainly a visionary who saw Nargis-Raj coming way back at start of last century. Nergis Mavalvala has done wonders to be honest. She is pride of the Pakistan. Ms. Mavalvala is a Pakistani American Astrophysicist and she was  part of the team of scientists who recently detected gravitational waves in space and time that had been hypothesized by Physicist Albert Einstein a century ago. That is big. So big that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif felicitated her on this achievement and termed her as inspiration. It is to be noted that PM never did the same with other Nargisis at all.
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