How Hindus of Hyderabad Celebrate Diwali

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Diwali is one of the most important festival for Hindus and celebrated by all Hindus of world with great enthusiasm. Diwali marks the start of New Year. It will be celebrated on 11th Nov in this year. Like other Hindus of world, Hindus of Hyderabad  also celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm. On this festival Hindus clean and color their houses with new paint, wear new clothes. In the evening of Diwali , they perform Ganesh- Laxmi Pooja for happy , wealthy and prosperous year. 
How Hindus of Hyderabad Celebrate Diwali
They light Diyas inside the house. women also decorate their front porches with RANGOLI which is made from color powder, colored rice and considered to be auspicious. It is also thought to bring good luck. Women prepare sweets (Mithai) which is served to family members. Hindu families pay visits to each other’s houses to wish Diwali Greetings; sweets are also distributed in each other’s houses. Local Hindu Panchayats of Hyderabad arrange Diwali Functions where religious songs and tableaus are performed by children. Large No. of Hindu families from Hyderabad attend these functions. In the end Fireworks are used to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.
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