Ayesha Farooq – Pakistan Fighter Pilot

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War ready, hawkish Ayesha Farooq is Pakistan first fighter pilot who is fully trained and equipped to take on any challenge in any situation against anyone. She has full capability to defend the motherland no matter what may come her way. I would add that we are proud of us being a nation, despite challenges faced over the global scenario. People who use to quote and paint bad things about Pakistan themselves don’t have vision or they belong to short sighted community or simply they have no idea. Pakistani girls are applying in armed forces including army, navy and airforce. They are also applying and getting recruited in rangers, police and other para military forces. These girls are no less than boys and are proving their mettle. These girls are making sure that they don’t let Pakistan down. That is what Pakistan is all about. Resilient and very much modern and in sync with the 21st century. Long live Pakistan and long live its Pakistani girls.
Ayesha Farooq – Pakistan Fighter Pilot
Blog post Written by Sameer Shaharyar and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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