Lawyers Vs Police Vs Media – What a Mess

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Public is stunned and shocked after watching visuals of police firing at the lawyers and lawyers retaliating like an opponent army giving a befitting response. The following mayhem is resulting in chaos in the streets of the country at various locations as lawyers protest. This happens when law takes it’s leave from a state. Police and legal fraternity are cornerstones of the constitution and the upholding of law. Without these two, there is no working implementation of the legal and justice system. Working relationship of both ensures that jungle law doesn’t creep into the cities and towns. In Pakistan, though, lawyers and police are showing animal instincts in open. Those who are responsible for the law are the ones violating and shredding it. Up till couple of years back the only king of the jungle was Police. Their high-handedness, corruption, ignorance and cruelty was established.
Lawyers Vs Police Vs Media – What a Mess
Then came Iftikhar Chaudhry and his lawyers movement and now lawyers have become other established mafia at par with the police. The third mafia which is also recent but equally powerful or perhaps the most powerful and wealthy is the media. Neither police nor lawyer dare to lock horns with the media. Whenever Police and lawyers collide, media decide who is guilty and who is not. Their decision vary from channel to channel and anchor to anchor and it all depends who is in the good books of whom. Two lawyers were killed by the firing of Police officer in Daska, and then lawyers attacked police and media had a field day. Some channels highlighted wukla-gardi and some channels lamented about police-gardi. No channel or anchor gave any unbiased or neutral analysis and the root causes. Everybody had its pets and they tried their hard to demonize the opponent. That is where state has to intervene, but state is also hostage to the media. Until and unless regulatory bodies are strengthened and they implement their writ this mess will go on and established mafias will keep colliding.
Blog post Written by Dr. Hassan Isfahani and you can visit the original article at
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