Pakistan is China’s Backyard

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China has at last looked at its backyard and found Pakistan languishing there. That and they also found out in hard way that if they don’t support Pakistan and keep ignoring Pakistan’s fight against terrorism, its own Western provinces will become more and more restive and they could spread deep into Chinese mainland. Since 1978, China has progressed like something which this world has never seen before. Especially in the last one and a half decade, China has become the second largest economy in the world and now flexing it’s muscles globally to assert as superpower. Despite of being friend and one of the closest neighbor of China, Pakistan kept sliding and wasn’t able to reap the benefits even as overhead dropped from China. In the book of China Pakistan friendship, only some defense chapters were written.
Pakistan is China’s Backyard
China is now seriously taking interest away from South China sea and looking to get some grip in Arabian sea. That is why Chinese have signed 51 agreements with the Pakistanis. Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched an exceptional project which will help to secure China’s peaceful and prosperous development: The New Silk Road Initiative he calls “One Belt, One Road.” From power to infrastructure and from defense to trade; China is building an economic corridor from Karakorum mountains to the shores of Arabian sea in Gwadar. Pakistan is going to be the major beneficiary here as it comes out of a decade long fight with the terrorists. China is also improving its relations with the India and Pakistan should also follow the example. Trade between China, Pakistan and India can be the real game changer in the region and it would do wonders if it’s extends to Russia and other central Asian nations. This will take time but it will be the regional miracle if it comes true.
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