OneTimeBox: App for Temporary File Storage!

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As we all know that SkyDrive and Drop Box allow everyone to create shared folders. Through those shared folders all the files uploaded in that folder can seen or shared with all the members of that group. Any member can add or contribute files to the web folder that has been shared, and this thing is really ideal for everyone as through this anyone can share their photos after an event. People can view the photos uploaded by that specific member and can upload theirs in that folder so that it can be shared or you can say so that everyone can see them.
OneTimeBox: App for Temporary File Storage!
A little limitation of these folders is that the owner of the folder must invite a user before she or he can add files to that folder. But now we have an application that doesn’t opt any limitations, a web application that is known as OneTimeBox, recently went live on a coding contest have a different approach about such shared folders. It creates a web folder that is public, anyone from anywhere can add files to that shared folder of yours and the only thing that they must know is the URL of your shared folder. No registration is required to be a part of that folder, neither the owner of that folder has to invite people. All you need to do is to share the URL of that folder with friends and they will get a full access with it then, including the delete permissions to the files present in that folder. The application is perfectly and neatly designed, but you cannot add file to the shared folder through your mobile phones. OneTimeBox uses the FilePicker API that uses AmazonS3 service for storing the entire files in the cloud. The source code of OneTimeBox can be found on Github and it is built using a Meteor.js
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