Thar Negligence of Sindh Government

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If any government needs to be toppled, its Sindh government, in Pakistan. If any chief minister needs to be sent packing ignominiously, then its Qaim Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh who is as incompetent as anything and still enjoying his 3rd term in the office shamelessly. One of the reason why Pakistan is in such a dire state today is the dismal performance and corruption of Pakistan People’s Party during their last five years. They literally performed nil. Their performance was zero in Islamabad and in their power base of Sindh. When it comes to the lethargy and callousness, Qaim Ali Shah and his cabinet wins hands down. Year after year, we hear about the deaths of infants in Thar desert of Pakistan, and every year Sindh government just finds it suffice to issue statement and blame the nature or other factors.
Thar Negligence of Sindh Government
This time Qaim Ali Shah has come up with yet another excuse after hundreds of infants died and still dying. He said that deaths are due to the ill-trained midwives. Wow, one may wonder whats the role of midwife in the death of a 6 months old or 10 months old? The reason is simple. Qaim is senile old man who cannot govern. He and his ministers are feudal, corrupt and doesn’t care about the poor people of Thar. There are not much votes there, and besides PPP local leaders siphon off the wheat and other aide for themselves. In Punjab, KPK, Balochistan and Islamabad, the governments are far more efficient and responsive. That is why I have always believed that instead of Punjab, Imran Khan should focus on Sindh as it would be far easier to win that province from PPP, who is only cashing in the name of Bhutto.
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