Star Memoirs of 2011

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The year 2011 is about to end. It had a lot of painful as well as pleasant memories for almost every one of us. Every one of us has pleasant as well unpleasant memories. We always talk about some New Year resolutions when a specific year is about to end. While talking to The News Tribe, some of them shared their experiences and memories if 2011. Let see what stars say.

My last year gave me the momentum to drive forward the next decade. I am resolut-ing to gain more will power, and my second resolution is to not reply back to posts on Facebook that have been commented on. Wes Malik

The last year’s been something on the down low for me. More like hibernation time. It’s funny coming from me considering I practically live at Kuch Khaas. Life at Kuch Khaas is busy and means I’ll come across a world of awesome and crazy simultaneously. But in this time, I’ve been also able to make notes on things that I want to see myself doing and soon! I’ve learnt lots. So here is too many more years making Kuch Khaas do what it does! As for resolutions, you’re talking to someone that’s accustomed to ‘To-Do-Lists’. Beside the general strategic plans for you know, world peace – the works et al, I guess it’s to just let loose. I’d like to express more than I do now and not bother with people or things that aren’t worth my time. You live, you learn. Move on to the next good thing. I, like most people my age, have big plans. I’d like to stay true to them. That’s where I’m headed. Apart from the general total demolition on the world, I think 2012 is gonna be a good year. Shahana Khan Khalil

This year started off slow but then things started happening and kept on happening on a magical timeline. My new year’s resolution is to never give up the dreams of my childhood and my belief in the miraculous world. Arieb Azhar

What can say about the year of the dengue? I still carry a mosquito repellent with me all the time. :) The New Year’s resolution is to pretend that 2011 never happened and life can’t be as bad and there is still hope. Adil Sher

The year 2011 was an exceptionally difficult year for me. My mother was in recovery from spine surgery most of the year. My beloved mentor and dance partner of over twelve years, my Baba (aka Khannu Samrat Sahib) left the world very suddenly. It has left a profound vacuum in my life and the lives of all who had the privilege of knowing him. I remain grateful, however, for my mother’s recovery and for the good fortune of being a part of the most important work that Baba did in his life.

It is said that when one is dealing with great loss one must find a greater purpose. While much of 2011 was spent in healing, my resolution is to make 2012 a year of celebrating Baba’s incredible talents and the love of my family and friends. My prayer for 2012 is to connect with my higher calling and through my work carry on the legacy of all Baba taught me. I hope that I will continue to develop and serve humanity through my art in 2012 and in the years to come. Meher Hasan

My last year was too lonely with kids & me. We went for dinner to Burj Khalifa had dinner and came home at midnight. This year my parents, my sister and brother are all together, so it feels good to be together. My New Year resolution is that sweet words cost nothing but buy everything. Sofia Syed

My last year didn’t go very well professionally, because I didn’t work much this year. My New Year’s resolution is to lose some weight, get some more work, settle down and start a new business too. Amna Karim

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