The Hypocrite Leaders

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I was just listening to the leadership of the PPP… What Hypocrites!  You were in power for five longs years recently. Where were your think tanks!  Who gave Pakistan “memo gate,” “hajj scandal,” “power scandal,” “sugar scandal,” “medical scandal,” and many more scandals? You have the galls to come out and say that you have the solutions for all of Pakistan’s problems, and the next time you get a chance you will change the future of Pakistan.  Really?  I guess you are right! You know the Pakistanis well, they have short term memories… But you seem to be worse than the people you are trying to fool. You have forgotten that Pakistanis have been woken from their deep slumber in the last few months. Pakistan has changed.
The Hypocrite Leaders
Let me take you back in history, but before I say a thing I want to make this clear that I do not support dictatorship.  Growing up my political hero was ZAB, I thought he had saved Pakistan from the dictators who broke it up in two.  When I came off age and started writing and with that came researching and reading, I realized what a hypocrite ZAB was. He actually was the one who has hurt Pakistan most. He was responsible for the division of Pakistan.  Education, that is so dear and near to my heart, was put in shambles (due to nationalization).  He nationalized schools while his own children went to the American School in Islamabad. He left some of the schools untouched so his ministers’ children can get good education.  ZAB list is too long for this blog. But let me tell you a story of an elderly Korean gentleman who was traveling with me and when he heard I was from Pakistan.
He got excited that he had traveled to Pakistan in the fifties and learnt about ginning industries.Today Pakistan’s industries are in terrible shape and it all started with ZAB’s nationalization policy.  I still remember Bibis oath taking ceremony as the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan.  I was excited about a young woman leading a Muslim nation. But then in retrospect I was reminded of an interview she gave in 60 Minutes where I remember she had said, “I will do everything in my power to destroy Pakistan. It took away my dad from me.”  That says it all as to why she never did anything for Pakistan but fill her own coffers overseas via her husband. Now we have another “Bhutto” ready to take over the powers and be the next leader of this nation. He seems more like a street charmer than a national leader.  He claims that only a “Bhuttosim” (whatever it means) is truly Pakistan.  Get real… Bhuttos have already dragged Pakistan to the edge destruction.  Let the new Pakistan emerge free from the corrupt Bhuttos, Sharifs and Zardaris.
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