5 Reasons Imran Khan Responsible For Multan Deaths of PTI

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Imran Khan and his handlers wanted dead bodies and they always preferred that it would be their workers so that they could use that as a fuel to complete their nefarious and greedy designs to grab the power and oust the current Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif regime. Imran Khan and his toady Tahir ul Qadri tried to get corpses in Islamabad and still trying there, but so far have failed. They have tried to do it in the Multan jalsa, but due to extensive media coverage of their gathering,  its clear that all the responsibility lies with the PTI and its organizers led by Shah Mehmood Qureshi.
5 Reasons Imran Khan Responsible For Multan Deaths of PTI
There are various reasons why Imran Khan is responsible, top 5 reasons of them are:
1) 3 PTI workers had already died during Imran Khan speech, but Imran Khan didn’t stop his speech.
2) Even before Imran Khan’s speech, during Shah Mehmood Qureshi speech, SMQ was told by their DJ Butt that ambulance and water was needed for the unconscious workers, but SMQ gave him shut up call.
3) Days before their jalsa, PTI struck a written agreement with the Multan administration that PTI will be responsible for any incident happening in the jalsa as PTI refused to accept any even management from the Multan DCO.
4) Stampede started before Imran Khan the end of jalsa during Imran Khan speech, and Multan administration informed SMQ about it but SMQ said that he couldn’t interrupt Imran Khan’s speech.
5) Imran Khan’s stubbornness and greed for Prime Minister slot is the root cause of all these deaths.
The same media which loves Imran Khan so much has ironically captured all that on their cameras and it cannot be denied or refuted.
Blog post Written by Rohail Butt and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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