Herbal skin and beauty tips for men for a nourishing you

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Women facials, women beauty tips, women hair, women accessories.. why is it that only the women have all the luxuries??? why not men? Men deserve the same as to their skin, hair, e.t.c.. don’t they deserve to look handsome? and get rid of all their skin problem ? then what are you guys thinking?? as we bring you natural ways of improving your skin be it acne, dark circles, tan skin. All u have to do is follow the procedure trans skin care heath and beauty tips  so give ur skin the treat they deserve not every thing is for the women out there.
Herbal skin and beauty tips for men for a nourishing you
Tip no 1: Men have 15% oilier skin then women, It is very important to keep your skin clean, in order to avoid black heads and tan looking skin, before applying any cream or any herbal treatment cleanse your face properly by a face wash.. REMEMBER that soap is not for the skin, as it leaves your skin dry which enhances the chances of effecting and damaging your skin. After cleansing your face with a face wash always remember to apply any kind of lotion or moisturizer for the effect of smooth and soft skin.
HOW TO CLINSE YOUR FACE: Take a little face wash according to your skin type.. YES YOU HAVE A SKIN TYPE trans skin care heath and beauty tips  and apply it to wet face, after applying it properly use the tip of your fingers and move them round on the cheeks, repeat that 5 to six times then from the tip of your nose move your hand to the ears, do this four to five times, then by using your finger tips from the middle of your fore head move it to your temples with a little harder hand.After this drag your hands from the temple to your chin.Rinse your face with water. NOTE “do not dry it with towel use soft tissue paper of cloth as your facial skin is very sensitive”
Tip no 2 : Almonds are natural moisturizers, since they contain high definition of vitamin E and the oil extracted from the almonds are treatment for the dark circles and extremely dry skin, use face wash with extracts of almond. Another way of applying almonds to your face is by crushing it properly, add yogurt some lemon and egg, mix it well apply it to your face till it dries. Furthermore make use of cucumbers trans skin care heath and beauty tips  , they are easily available in the kitchen, they are great for skin masks, cucumber water can also be used as a face wash, all you have to do is cut the cucumber round and massage it around your face for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse it with water.
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